Julian Allason, Financial Times, How to Spend it Magazine

“Apart from the fact that Kate reacts very quickly and efficiently to my enquiries, I have particularly appreciated her nose for what is interesting and unusual about a hotel – she thinks like a journalist!”

Catey Hillier, previous Editor, Food Illustrated Magazine

“Creative, straightforward and enthusiastic – three words which sum up Drake PR’s strengths and philosophy. Kate doesn’t waste time: she wants to understand your readership’s possible requirements.”

Gillian Rhys, Deputy Editor, Waitrose Magazine

“It’s always great to receive a personal pitch rather than endless press releases. Kate will phone with an interesting new angle and, because she has taken the time to discuss my readers with me, she’s always bang on target.”

Will Hide, The Times Travel Desk

“Several years ago I worked for Kate as a PR assistant, and now in my capacity as a travel writer I guess Kate works with and for me. I can vouch for her professionalism and sense of fun and for the fact that she gives 100 per cent on whatever job she is doing.”

Paul Clements, The Telegraph

“Invariably I come away from a meeting (if that’s what you call it…) with a half-dozen stories that have been clearly thought through, pitched perfectly for my readership, and timed to chime with my deadlines. How does she know when to call and when it’s a busy press day?”

Sue Ryan, Managing Editor, The Telegraph

“I met Kate Mullins at a hotel in Austria, and although I was a paying guest and it wasn’t even her account she went into work mode and looked after me as well as other journalists who happened to be staying there; she is a born fixer, enabler and a professional PR. I will always take her call and find her a pleasure to work with.”

Felipe Guardiola, Proprietor, Casa de Carmona, Spain

“There are too many positive traits in Kate’s character and work to list in a single sentence. She is sincere, focused, hard-working, perfectly well-mannered, results-driven, enthusiastic, helpful, effective, and as knowledgeable as can be about journalists. I count Kate’s work as an unquestionable success in the promotion of the Casa de Carmona, for which I am personally very grateful.”

Vanessa Bourquard, Public Relations Manager, Beau-Rivage Palace

“Working with Kate and her team at Drake PR is always a real pleasure. They are creative, pro-active, and highly detail-oriented. Kate understands the spirit and sense of tradition of the Beau-Rivage Palace, she is a real asset to our team.”